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Walker Software Weblog: About


4157 days ago

I’m Adam Walker and I run this site. I’m an independent consultant and shareware developer. I’m also a (4+ years now) Mac convert but I write for Windows and Mac.

I have also developed a few java-based shareware games. Now, I’m working on some native OS X games. I know/use Java, Ruby, C/C++/Objective-C, PHP, Python, and a handful of other languages I’m not keen on admitting.

I have a cat named Scooby and some angel fish. I’m 32 and single. I live in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area.

I first started programming at the tender age of 9 on a Color Computer 2 that I received for Christmas after much begging. I starting by typing in programs from books and magazines like The Rainbow. These were the days when cheep computers didn’t include external storage of any type. I quickly tired of typing in a program every time I wanted to use it and bought a interface cable to store programs on audio tapes. After a few years I upgraded to a Color Computer 3 and a 5 1/4” floppy drive. I saw a few ads for 5MB and 10MB hard drives, buy they were way out of my budget.

If you would like you contact me email me at “adam at walkersoftware dot net”.