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Walker Software Weblog: One Reason Web Apps Suck

One Reason Web Apps Suck

Jul 3, 07:17 PM

Random Lockouts.

Web Apps Suck

I clicked the Gmail link in my browser. It sat on the “loading” page for a little bit and I got up to talk to a co-worker, come back and I’m locked out. Guess I’m switching back to a desktop client. Sure, managing multiple accounts on more than one computer is tedious with a desktop client but at least I don’t get locked out randomly.


Not that tedious with IMAP though.

Romain Guy · Jul 3, 07:20 PM · #

True Romain, IMAP helps. Too bad half my accounts are pop only. This time around, I gotta setup all my sent messages to stored on the server. Because 60% of the time, I\'m searching for an email I sent and half the time it\'s on the other computer.

Adam · Jul 3, 07:27 PM · #

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