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Walker Software Weblog: Switched to Textpattern

Switched to Textpattern

May 25, 05:01 PM

I've never been that impressed with the code behind WordPress and I've been wanting to write my own blogging engine for a while, but I (still) haven't had time. However, I after noticing a few things today, I decided to switch from WordPress to Testpattern.

Firstly, the developer of my favorite anti-spam plugin for WordPress, Spam Karma, decided to stop developing the plugin. His plugin was the main reason I never really could switch from WordPress. I agree with many of his comments about WordPress...

In a word: Wordpress kinda sucks nowadays. Its retarded upgrade rate makes it nearly impossible to keep up, in turn making it a constant security threat on my servers. And each time I finally cave in and install one of those “mandatory security upgrade”, it also installs 600 Ko of other theme compatibility-breaking fluffy crap that I never asked for in the first place. Usually setting the ground for the next cycle of security-exploit-rushed-upgrade.

I had been lagging behind in my upgrades for those same reasons. Today was going to be an upgrade day. Instead, I switched.

Secondly, I noticed someone had placed a hidden div full of spam links inside on of my posts.

I know I had said that the theme for the last 6 months for "temporary" and "subject to change". The same goes for this theme, which is the default for Textpattern. Although, it will largely be minor tweaks as this theme is minimal enough for my tastes at present.


The theme is mostly still the the default, but I customized it a fair amount now with colors, a background image, and a pre/code style for the nerdier topics. The layout and fonts are generally still stock though.


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