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Walker Software Weblog - meta Work. In. Progress.,2005:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/meta Textpattern 2010-06-08T00:34:34Z Adam Walker Adam Walker 2010-06-08T00:33:33Z 2010-06-08T00:34:34Z Tumblr,2010-06-07:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/6eee711d2ca5dc265f0e4a0005f182c4 I've setup a Tumblr for new content at

Adam Walker 2009-05-26T20:04:47Z 2009-05-26T20:18:44Z April/May 2009,2009-05-26:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/32c84edfe80cd8a374fd2e488509e657 In April, I was rear-ended. Totaled my car. No one was hurt. I got a nicer car, a Nissan Altima Coupe. So that worked out. As far as traffic accidents and spending thousands of dollars on short notice can work out, it was ok.

Over the last two months I finished my first Java project since becoming a consultant a few years back. I haven't missed Java and it hasn't missed me. I can't tell you any details due to NDAs. But I know more that I ever wanted to about NTFS now. And I've extended my love/hate relationship with Eclipse.

The project made me think of this blog again. Due to lack of free time (and my waning interest in Java) it has atrophied. I think it's time to change the focus of this site and resurrect this blog.

Adam Walker 2008-04-03T22:11:36Z 2008-04-03T23:07:56Z Upgraded,2008-04-03:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/1860e01f2a3e897de1242fb18bf2d0ba Upgraded the site to WordPress 2.5. Fairly painless.


All of the “pages” have disappears. Good thing I only have around 5.