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If you develop for the web, go check it out.

Adam Walker 2008-04-03T22:11:36Z 2008-04-03T23:07:56Z Upgraded,2008-04-03:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/1860e01f2a3e897de1242fb18bf2d0ba Upgraded the site to WordPress 2.5. Fairly painless.


All of the “pages” have disappears. Good thing I only have around 5.

Adam Walker 2007-07-03T23:17:36Z 2008-04-03T23:00:13Z One Reason Web Apps Suck [2],2007-07-03:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/0c73ac0c8a045941e3f1443d8da7ce28 Random Lockouts.

Web Apps Suck

I clicked the Gmail link in my browser. It sat on the “loading” page for a little bit and I got up to talk to a co-worker, come back and I’m locked out. Guess I’m switching back to a desktop client. Sure, managing multiple accounts on more than one computer is tedious with a desktop client but at least I don’t get locked out randomly.

Adam Walker 2006-09-20T05:35:27Z 2006-09-20T05:35:51Z ze frank and vacuum cleaners,2006-09-19:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/e339f186ee4516fc8d132eb2631dd435 ze frank in his show demanded people dress up their vacuum cleaners and send photos. Mine is wearing my old paintball stuff.


Adam Walker 2006-06-12T18:39:57Z 2006-06-12T18:39:57Z DS Lite,2006-06-12:6229ae49d3a6614720d8ba5535559bfa/473de0cdfb83caa99788405d7184d6bc I got my Nintendo DS lite yesterday. The local independent game store still had five or so left by the time I got there in the late afternoon. As did the local Target. No lines anywhere. I got the New Super Mario Bros and Brain Age. The NSMB is awesome and a lot of fun.