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Walker Software Weblog: My Software

My Software

Apr 7, 01:10 AM

Most of the software I have written is either commercial or on a contract basis for someone else. What follows is a sort list of small free or shareware things I have written.

Password Creator

Small utility for obscuring passwords to make them harder to crack.


My tweeks to the TableSorter class

Text Effects Demo

Demo of some text effects in Java.

JTabbedPane with a close button

Tweaks to the JTabbedPane UI

iTunes and Netflix style JSlider

Make JSlider look like a rating component.


Walker Games Banner

My Games over at


RockGarden is puzzle game that is difficult to describe. You remove similar colored and shaped rocks at least two at a time from the field, but for each additional rock the points double. It is high scoring and highly addictive, you’ll have fun developing strategies for scoring the most and for clearing the board.


Another puzzle game.

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