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Walker Software Weblog: Password Creator

Password Creator

Mar 1, 04:14 PM

I was playing around with an idea and wrote a little utility to create harder to break passwords based on normal passwords. It obscures a normal password using some "31337" speak and returns a list of possible alternatives.

The strength column is just a relative amount of time it might take a hypothetical brute-force algorithm to crack the password.

It's packaged as jar file, which means on a Mac (or a windows-box with Java 1.4.2 or above installed) you can double click on the jar file to start the app. You can grab the jar file here (~12K). It's freeware, I may update or expand it later. A screen to edit the rules for password generation might be nice.

NOTE: You may need to right-click (or Ctrl-Click) on the link and select "save target to disk" or some-such thing.

Download Now Download Jar File (~12K) Freeware Mac OS X, Windows, Linux Java 1.4.2+

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